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Video Displays Attract Crowds


If you are wondering about the best way to display Live Animation -

Flat panel plasma screens have replaced the bulky big screen TVs and retro-lite boxes that used to fill tradeshow booths just a few years ago. They are slim, bright and can be attached just about anywhere. They can also be mounted vertically, in "portrait" mode, on their narrow edge. That makes them perfect for the CHOPS experience.


In a couple of cases, we simply mounted a section of a booth wall to a base pedestal that would hold up the whole assembly, then attached the mounting brackets with four bolts, and hung the monitor, all in one simple process. The free-standing assembly of wall and flat panel screen could then be placed attractively, anywhere in the booth.

For HPM at the National Plastics Show,CHOPS gave away a brand new BMW from this set-up, and HPM was amazed at just how many entry forms he brought in. It was CHOPS' charisma, wasn't it?

How do you choose which size to use for your booth or special event? The choice is guided by how you want to manage the audience's ability to interact. The smallest effective size seems to be about 25 inches for small booths, mounted at eye level. From there, we recommend sizes in the 40-60 inch range, because they are easy to rent and mount, and two people can handle them with ease.

In some cases, it's now possible to mount a very large flat panel to replace a projection system, in tradeshow booths where there is just not enough floor space to accommodate the projector's throw distance. And even that is changing, as we are now seeing special projectors that only need a foot or two to produce a 4-foot wide image. Anyway, there are some 100+-inch screens available, and they'll need a lot of manpower to move them in and out of a location, so it's best to use live animation on them when they are already installed in a venue.

Once we set up your screen and display the character on it, we can make adjustments to the orientation, aspect ratio and resolution, so it looks and feels just right on the screen. We also make a couple of minor tweaks to the color if needed, and connect to our own powered speaker, rather than use the built-in speakers, which can sound watery and ineffective. The sound has to be just as good as the picture and most all flat screen TVs have very small, weak speakers built-in.

The flat panel was also effective for Pharmacia Biotech, when it was used and mounted in about the same way, on the piece of booth wall. The booth wall was part of the booth decor, placed strategically to disguise the CHOPS control booth. Nothing more than a couple of sections of pipe and drape hid the secret of the man behind the curtain at the entire show. Yet it totally transformed the impact of the company's exhibit, drawing people to the counter displays nearby.

CHOPS held court with biotechnical engineers who came all around the world to the San Francisco tradeshow. They did come to learn about CHOPS, didn't they?

We are always looking at the latest version of flat panel display and have recently found some interesting new ways to mount them in the booth, so be sure to ask about this convenient and affordable display system. Oh, and don't forget to order the fake plants for underneath.

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