CHOPS & Associates Live Animation

The Web's First Game Show With An Avatar Host and Live Contestants

"Let's Face It with CHOPS" - It's a game show!

CHOPS Game Show We team up with the guys at Game Show Presenter to add an exciting new element to our presentations - customizable game shows with CHOPS or one of our virtual characters as the live Host.

Here's a little video of the game - "LET'S FACE IT" with CHOPS!

Let's Face It with CHOPS,

CHOPS & Associates debuted our live web game show in March 2013, a performance featuring the company's CHOPS and other 3D interactive characters as live game show hosts who quiz audiences in a customized game show environment that can appear live in a physical form in a tradeshow or meeting, or via the web, compleetly online.

The animated host character is operated live, off-stage by Jesch, who provides the voice and expression for the character. Hidden video cameras allow the actor to see and interact with the audience and game show contestants. The video feed for the show can be output to a video wall, TV monitor or 3D display. This game show can also be delivered via a customized broadcast page using streaming video, with live contestants and prizes for the winners.

The game show software allows multiple-choice quiz questions to be customized to fit any topic -- trivia, product knowledge, or questions that tie-in to a promotional theme. Sound effects, graphics and automatic scoring are all part of the game show. Also, the client can add prizes and gifts to boost the excitement even higher. Several game styles are included, such as a category-board-style matrix of scores and questions, as well as multiple choice and hidden answers.

The live quiz show attraction can be easily customized to a client's needs, including the use of a variety of different host characters. For smaller exhibits or kiosk needs, Game Show Presenter software is available with a prerecorded game show host.

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