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Live Animation ReservationThe Elements of a Performance Animation Booking - You will notice in the document below that we assist with everything it takes to bring our technology to your tradeshow booth or event. Our mission is to create and support your "dream" project!"

CHOPS & Associates brings to life 3D animated characters for trade shows and special events, by booking performances using the Digital Puppeteer (tm), combined with loveable characters that work hard to meet your goals and deliver real results, including a tangible return on investment.

In order for this unique form of computer art to have the full impact, we offer a turnkey solution, that incorporates talented actors, high quality video displays and our animation system running on top-of-the-line laptop computers. Following are some of the considerations involved in preparation and production.

PRE-SHOW PLANNING - Customer and producer review and organize elements of the show, including audio/visual requirements, venue, transportation and accommodation logistics, the show theme and approach, scripts, soundtracks and other presentation content. Customer and producer establish budget guidelines, confirm booking dates, exchange deposits and contracts.

SHOW PREPARATION - Custom characters are designed and tested. Scripts are written, multimedia content is produced, staging and logistics are examined, site surveys (if necessary) are performed. Talent is auditioned, trained and rehearsed. Sales, marketing and public relations objectives are discussed.

SHOW DAY(S) - System is set-up and integrated into venue, with complete sound checks and video testing. Talent gets settled and rehearses, if possible. Press conferences are held. Then the show is done, and the equipment is packed up for the next one. Occasionally, the system is moved to the hospitality suite or cocktail reception for the party.

WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH PERFORMANCE FEE AND SYSTEM RENTAL - Basic pre-show planning, including: logistics, venue requirements, budget guidelines, confirming booking dates, exchanging deposits & contracts. Basic show preparation, including: release of limited rights to use CHOPS image for promotional purposes for the event, rehearsing and training talent, discussing sales and marketing objectives, staging and logistics review. Show Day(s), including: arrival and set-up of equipment, testing and sound checks, dress rehearsals, press conferences, the booked performance itself by "sit-down" comedian Gary Jesch as CHOPS, presentation or trade show work in the customer's booth. Project review at end of appearance, dismantling and removal of equipment.

We will also include the Bubble Screen system in our package, for those who like the effect of a round screen and jet-black stand, with an additional fee for shipping and handling.


Additional presentation scriptwriting, content production of multimedia layers, additional display equipment, custom character creation, talent auditioning and compensation, licensing of existing characters or talent, unusual staging requirements that involve extra expense or man-hours (including moving to another venue the same day). Also not included are some of the various display and control technologies that are offered.

TRAVEL EXPENSES ARE NOT INCLUDED - In most cases, travel expenses will be invoiced at our cost for direct reimbursement from the copies of charge slips attached to the Chops & Assoc.'s invoice. Normal expenses are generated by paying for: priority air fare for one or two persons (producer and talent), a minimal surcharge for our system, rental of display system, and hotel and meals per diem.


Air fare (one person, round trip, 21 day advance) $150-$800
Excess Baggage fee $100-$200
Rental car (2-3 days) $100-150
Hotel & meals (2 days) $250-$350

CUSTOM CHARACTERS ARE AVAILABLE - Custom characters can be created on request, by quotation. Price depends on the level of complexity, amount of artwork that needs to be created, need for selecting, training and compensating talent and the amount of time necessary to set up the Digital Puppeteer control system. On receipt of payment in full, CHOPS & Associates delivers all rights of ownership, copyright and title to the customer. If payment is not received in full, CHOPS & Associates retains all rights as artist and creator, and all performance rights. In all cases, CHOPS & Associates will retain the right to use the customer's artwork in self-promotion materials, even after all rights have been delivered to the customer.

BOOKINGS AND CONFIRMATIONS - It is CHOPS & Associates' policy to guarantee all bookings on a first-come, first served basis. All contracts and agreements should be finalized two to three weeks prior to the appearance or presentation. Late-notice services can be provided in some cases, subject to availability.

Audio visual equipment needs vary from one performance to another. The computer system will be hooked up to video presentation equipment that already exists, or we can help you rent what you need.

Once written estimates are furnished, clients will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to hold the performance date. You will receive a written confirmation from us that CHOPS or another character will perform as requested.

CANCELLATIONS - Cancellations are permitted up to 20 working days of the scheduled date with a full refund (less any prepaid expenses). Cancellations within 3-20 working days are subject to a service charge of 15% of the performance fee deposit, (plus all expenses incurred to date) and when cancellations occur within 3 days of the first day of the scheduled performance, the deposit will not be refunded (plus the client will be billed for expenses incurred to date, such as changes in airline tickets & lost deposits).

Additional paperwork for CHOPS performances or performances by other characters may include:

  • Scope of Work - description of show, time & location, setup information, schedule of performance, services and tasks to be performed
  • Schedule of Rates and Payments - description of rates, charges, estimated expenses, fees, terms & conditions
  • Progress Reports - when appropriate, where multimedia content is layered into show, or where character development and training is needed
  • Expense Reports - Detailed form, showing expenses actually incurred
  • Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreements - in cases where sensitive material is handled by talent and/or CHOPS & Associates staff or contractors
  • Rights - description of works and their legal owners, and rights licensed
  • Travel Itineraries - full description of arrival and departure times, accommodations
  • Tax forms - W-9 forms will be completed on request

For more information, you can reach us via the "Contact" button on the upper menu or click on the "CHAT" tab on the right side of your screen. We'll get back to you promptly. Phone us at 888-766-6677 or 775-831-7451.

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