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Webinar Presentation

Gary Jesch

Emily Breder

Topic: Connecting the Dots Between Business Events and Social Media
Presenter: Gary Jesch
Presenter: Emily Breder
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Corporate events are powerful lead generation tools, and they use a lot of resources. Event managers now find themselves turning into social community leaders as they recruit audiences and look for ways to improve event effectiveness.

But what specific strategies have demonstrated their effectiveness? Even seemingly small changes can have dramatic improvements when Return-On-Investment is measured, such as improving the ratio of attendees to those who register.

Yet, pinpointing the necessary changes in both strategy and tactics can be an elusive problem for corporate event managers and meeting planners, even experienced ones.

What you will learn:

  • How you can strengthen attendance by taking communities to heart
  • Why marketing free events and paid events are more similar than you think
  • The three components of content that every event must have
  • A five-second formula to measure your social media efforts

Join Moderator Gary Jesch with special guest Emily Breder of as we dig out new and important findings that can help anyone planning any type of event.


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