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  • Gary with Beverly avatar

    Two Avatars - (More Than) Triple the Results

    Ten to fifteen times more unique leads were collected in three days of exhibiting than the previous year, says AstraZeneca manager about San Francisco trade show experience using CHOPS. Read More

  • CHOPS at Motorcraft booth

    Auto Parts Dealers See Double in Motorcraft Booth

    Being in more than one place at the same time is not only possible, it’s a real advantage for a virtual character trying to increase traffic at a tradeshow booth for Ford Motorcraft in Las Vegas. Read More

  • CHOPS as Prometheus

    Prometheus Shines with a Sticky Booth

    Prometheus Labs used CHOPS to pull people into the booth at their most important tradeshow of the year, and to increase the time they spent inside the booth. As a result, more show attendees visited longer, looking at demos and discussing their important issues with openness and candor. Read More

  • Prof. Millennium for FPL

    Colombian Producer Puts Five Characters in One Show

    Juan Pablo Niera, our producer-client in Colombia, designed a show that included five virtual characters with speaking parts in a single night, by setting up five separate stages and routing the video output of our system to each of them at the proper time. Read More

Read About Success Stories

  • Talking Fish Cleans Up At Sanitary Show

    The sanitary supplies industry show in Las Vegas ISSA 2011 attracts facility managers from around the world every year to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This time, they were greeted by a brightly-colored animated fish discussing water conservation in the Rubbermaid Commercial booth. Read More...

  • Brash Bends Brains At Annual Training Tradeshow

    Development Dimensions Inc. DDI captured three "Best of Show" awards from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in a three-year period, with a lot of teamwork and high-quality "boothmanship," using the services of CHOPS performer Gary Jesch to attract attention, and Exhibitgroup Giltspur's booth design, construction and management abilities. DDI's booth staff, sales and marketing people pulled it all together with attention to detail and finesse. Read More...

  • Virtual "Julie" Mesmerizes Nikken Execs

    Professional spokesmodel Kira Gurnee had the VIPs and audience of the Nikken marketing event in the palm of her hand, but she wasn't on stage working where she normally does. Instead, she was closeted away backstage at the controls of the Digital Puppeteer while her virtual persona appeared up on the big screens. Read More...


The CHOPS World Tour - 1996 to 2014

CHOPS for HP in ChinaClients have taken CHOPS to many different parts of the world since we debuted in 1993, at a Virtual Reality tradeshow in New York City in 1993, with Virtual Mark Twain. By 1996, we were off to work.

From a conference in Beijing, China, to product launches in Colombia, Chile and Mexico, Jesch has appeared with his live animation systems, to fascinate audiences where-ever he goes. He's worked all the major cities in the US, as well as doing pro-bono work in his home town of Carson City.

Who knows where the next assignment will take him? Perhaps it will be to your event or theme park location. Read More

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