Stunning trade show traffic builders who can also turn a special event into a total success, these “virtual characters” give people an experience they’ve never had before, with live animation.

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Attract and engage audiences of all ages with 3D interactive avatars that can speak with people in real time, in person, using live animation.

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From moving head projectors to hyper-sonic beams, we have many experiences to share.

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Choose from dozens of avatars to find the character and look you like for your special project.

About Gary Jesch and CHOPS


Hi, I’m Gary Jesch, also known as “CHOPS.”  I’m a performance animation artist who has an unusual way of attracting attention. If you need to generate some Buzz on the spot at a trade show or corporate event, you’ll want to consider our trade show performers and virtual hosts. Live animation is a proven way of getting people into a new mindset that is open to your suggestions.

For example, one client recently had us create two custom interactive avatars, and they realized a 10-15 times improvement in the number of visitors inside their booth, over the previous year.

Gary is great to work with and extremely responsive. He continually brought fresh ideas to his virtual character, “Julie.” The live animation performance was well worth the investment, and with Gary on the job, I never had to worry. It was perfect from start to finish.

Diana Zimmerman

President and CEO, CMS Communications Int'l.

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